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IV pole: My Portfolio

IV pole is a highly used equipment in the hospital, yet it hasn't changed the design to fit user's need in nearly fifty years. Most of the IV poles in the hospital are dispensable, the product itself is also not esthetic pleasing as well. I want to address that not only patients need more confidence while using it, nurse practitioners also can cause serious work injury.


By research, I noticed many nurses have work injury due to they have to change patient's drip infusions almost every minute. The continuity action of lifting full IV drip with one hand will cause pain to their shoulder.
The base of the IV stand has a cushion mechanism for nurse to lower it by using foot to step on the base.

IV pole: Portfolio

The ring shape is convenience for nurse to arrange injection catheter if the patient have multiple medicine or equipment at the same time.

IV pole: Portfolio
IV pole: 圖片
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